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My debut Novel

In her late twenties, alba moves back to her hometown, porto, for a dream job…

She is drawn towards an area of the city near a famous lighthouse, thought she isn’t sure why. Even though she has had some health difficulties, including surgery to replace her leg with a bionic limb in childhood, her life is good: she has a circle of friends and a close family.

But she feels empty. Something is missing and despite all she tries she can’t figure out what it is. The last time she remembers feeling fulfilled was as a child when her family hosted M, an AI-prototype, who became her companion. At the time she unexpectedly lost M her holllow feelings grew. She longs to find something she lost in her life and believes that M can help.

Briefly, a love affair with a fellow scientists fills her emotionally, but when tragedy strikes, she realises that she needs M more than ever. When M mysteriously returns to her, she discovers that everything she believe about her life has been wrong, and there is only one course of action to bring her back to wholeness. But she doesn’t know if it is too late.

Book reviews

5/5 stars REVIEWS from editorial services,  BOOK BLOGGERs and READERs… THANK YOU! HERE are SOME OF THEM…

...a wondrously unique novel that explores the complex relationship between humans and AI technologies… by Literary Titan. Read it here

…an incredible, unique, and compelling novel that will take its readers on a journey that is unlike anything you have read before… by Red headed book lover. Read it here

…A strong debut novel with a clever commentary lilt on the ways technology connects us to the world, but can also isolate us from the warmth of human contact… by Book Viral.  Read it here

a thought-provoking and moving story about humanity’s search for purpose and meaning in a digital world…by Irene Roth. Read it here